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The company was started in 1979 by Reinhold Delzer and specialised in producing combine attachments to help farmers harvest sunflower seeds. Later that year the health of the company founder (Reinhold Delzer) led to the sale of his company to Chuck and Joe Crary.



In the beginning there were two owners, two employees, a run-down steel building with little heat and no running water. However the company had products that satisfied the needs of those for whom the company was organised: its customers. From these humble beginnings the company was able to make a profit and grow as more and more customers wanted the products being manufactured. To better meet the needs of their customers, operations were moved to the present West Fargo plant site where a modest 6000 square foot building, with running water, was erected. The company's name was changed from Delzer-Crary Company and in 1981 was shortened to Crary Company.

The company continued to grow and a range of outdoor power equipment was added including snow blowers, chippers, chipper/shredders and composters, and the Bear Cat line of Outdoor Power Equipment was born.

After a number of consecutive years of growth, the company was sold to an investment firm in 1999 and Crary Company became part of a group of  manufacturers under the corporate name of TerraMarc Industries. The other manufacturers all specialised in Potato planting, harvesting and handling equipment, and the combination made TerraMarc the leading Potato Equipment Manufacturer in North America. The decision was made to double the size of the Crary Company building to 200,000 square feet and move the TerraMarc production line to West Fargo in 2001.

In 2005 the sale of the Crary Company to ECHO Incorporated led to the creating of a new company named Crary Industries. ECHO's focus on handheld equipment and its strong distribution channels were a natural complement to the Bear Cat line of Chippers, Chipper/Shredders and Log Splitters etc.



Crary continues to grow and make quality products for the OPE market, and also Potato Planters and Harvesters under the Lockwood Brand. Crary continues to invest resources into the development of new products and models and is continually looking for ways to improve existing models.

The Bear Cat Products made today have the ECHO Bear Cat logo on them however not all companies that distribute Bear Cat Products distribute the ECHO handheld range.


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