There's a Bear Cat product to suit your needs

Serving the New Zealand Avocado Orchard Market

Stevens Outdoor Power Equipment is a specialist supplier to the New Zealand avocado orchardist market; we modify our Bear Cat chippers here to give optimum performance in our unique conditions.

Because avocado trees are a soft and pulpy wood, most chippers will struggle to process this material quickly without blocking. However with our modifications for New Zealand conditions, Bear Cat Chippers do not suffer this problem. Even with a team of workers feeding the Bear Cat PTO chipper, the machine will easily keep pace thanks to its auto-feed sensors and smart hydraulic feed system.

These machines are also ideal for chipping hardwoods such as tea tree and olive trees.

Bear Cat has become a household name as one of the most impressive chipper brands available to the New Zealand market, and is the favorite chipper available for many avocado orchardists.

Ask for a demonstration of New Zealand’s most impressive avocado tree chippers today and prove it for yourself!